Creating an account will store your phone number and area details for authorities' reference while providing solution to your complaints. The action taking authorities will call you on the number you provide while logging in if they face trouble locating the issue reported by you. Also they will send you updates on the action taken to the same number.
You can create an MCMR account through the website or mobile app, easily available on Google Play store and iOS store. The account creation process is very simple.You can use your Facebook account or phone number to register. To post complaints and carry out other activities in MCMR.
On the website the login button is placed right in the middle to make it easier for users to create accounts. In the mobile app as soon as you install, the application prompts you to create an account.
On the top right corner, you can see the Profile Image Icon which will lead you to your account to edit your details.
Click on the pencil symbol on the application or click on the post a complaint button in the website to post a complaint.
You can search your compliant with the ticket id provided you against each complaint that you post. Additionally.